I remember my first staff Christmas party, but I remember the awful hangover the next day a lot more. I tried everything to make myself feel better, but searching Google for the ‘top ways to beat a Christmas hangover’ certainly didn’t help with my dizziness. It became evident pretty quickly that I should have prepared my hangover ‘cure’ before I was actually hung over. 
Now, I’m not a big drinker and I’ve not drunk anything alcoholic for about 2 years. This hasn’t been for health reasons, but rather a personal choice made a while ago. But with a lot of you guys (me included) going out on Christmas parties I thought my hangover cures may come in handy. So allow me to quickly explain the mechanics of what a hangover is, why you get hung over and to share my 3-ways to beat your post-party hangover as quickly as possible. I’l also divulge my top secret bonus tip on how to avoid hangovers altogether. 
Essentially no matter what name you give it, a hangover is simply anything that significantly disrupts your daily routine after a night of drinking., such as : 
Absence from work 
Nausea / Dizziness 
A desire to punch anyone who looks at you a little bit funny 
Sound familiar?  
So how can having a little too much to drink cause you to feel so bad?  
Dehydration is the obvious one, but there are 3 lesser known reasons for your ticket to hangover-central. 
As we all know, alcohol places a huge burden on the liver. But it’s not the alcohol that’s actually the problem, rather it’s the by-product of alcohol metabolism in the liver that’s the problem. When our body metabolises alcohol it creates something more toxic than the alcohol itself, ‘acetaldehyde’ (try saying that after your Christmas party!). The presence of acetaldehyde in the body causes the liver to release a substance called glutathione. Glutathione is your body’s most powerful antioxidant and is fantastic at neutralising the threat of acetaldehyde. Unfortunately, this wonder substance is in short supply and quickly runs out. While your body is replenishing its stores, the acetaldehyde builds-up leading to acetaldehyde toxicity and resulting in vomiting and severe headaches. 
Another cause of vomiting is the alcohol irritating your stomach’s lining.. When this happens your body increases secretion of hydrochloric acid in the stomach, eventually prompting your nerves to tell the brain that something in your stomach is causing you pain. This leads your body to try and ‘save the day’ by emptying out the content of your stomach. And since alcohol is directly absorbed through the stomach, this explains why you feel better after you’ve been sick a few times. 
The second reason for a hangover is ‘glutamine rebound. Have you found that you don’t sleep soundly after a night of drinking? It’s almost as if your brain has become over stimulated? Drinking alcohol inhibits the production of one of your body’s natural stimulants, glutamine. Once you stop drinking your body goes into over drive and tries to compensate for lost time by producing more glutamine than it really needs. This huge increase in glutamine is responsible for tremors, anxiety, and restlessness experienced whilst trying to sleep. 
So what 3 things can you do to help protect the body and prevent the dreaded hangover? 
Drink Unsweetened Coconut Water. Drink it throughout the day before you go out, before bed, and the next morning. This will help your body combat the cause of dehydration; your body running low on potassium and other essential electrolytes. If you don’t like coconut water try potassium/electrolyte tablets or even eat bananas. Also Taking Magnesium could help your body revitalise quicker. 
Support the liver with glutathione & other liver support. Again I recommend taking glutathione on the day of the party, before bed and the morning after. Taking this along with N Acetyl L Cysteine will help your body fight off acetaldehyde toxicity. Milk thistle, artichoke, goji berry and ginger extracts will also help. 
Take a good quality multivitamin – This helps build up a buffer and, as before, should be taken during the day, before bed and the morning after. This will help your body to replenish the essential vitamins and minerals lost through excessive urination, and can also help support the liver, 
TOP SECRET TIP!!! – If you really want to avoid the hangover this is the best advice you will find on the internet …………. Simply don’t drink. Sounds simply but I assure you that you can have a great time sober! 
Of course, these aren’t the only ways you can beat the Christmas part hangover. But they will give you a great basis to build on. And it will definitely make your morning after more enjoyable 
If you’ve had success with one of these ways to beat a hangover, or if you’ve got your own favourite way to beat a hangover, let us know in the comments. 
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