Showing you how you can give your body a basic natural detoxify without doing any radical juice diets or crazy fasts. 
Traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda (the ancient healing system from India) have both been around for thousands of years, each healing the body using natural remedies long before the advances of modern medicine.  
Although their approaches are different, they share some basic fundamentals. One is the belief in a Spring time ‘detox’ for your body. 
The word that we live in today isn’t exactly pure. We’re exposed to chemicals through our food and water, pollution and even the air that we breathe, In addition, we have more emotional stress in our lives that we might care to admit. Combined with a lack of exercise and poor foundational nutrition, then these toxins will, over a period of time, accumulate in your body as its not being provided with the right fundamental vitamins and minerals it needs to self-detox. The body’s inability to detoxify can manifest as fat gain (many toxins are stored in fat), insomnia, fatigue, digestive problems, aches and pains or even chronic disease. 
When a client comes to me showing extreme signs of toxicity (excluding heavy metal toxicity**), then a fast and/or a metabolic food (nutrient shakes) plan may be the only option available. However, for the average Joe who is just feeling a little run down coming out of the cold winter months and wants to treat their body to a good spring clean ready for summer, such plans aren’t necessary. 
So, here are my top 4 ways to help your body detoxify naturally: 
Make sure you are going to the toilet regularly. 
This may seem a weird thing to start with, but it’s Number 1 for a reason (no pun intended).  
Waste removal is often referred to as Phase 3 liver detoxification and, as you’ll learn later, it’s an essential step. If you are trying to encourage your body to detoxify (GET RID OF TOXINS) then this means freeing up stored toxins within the body, putting them into your blood stream and letting your body get rid of them safely. The main way your body detoxifies is through your stool and urine. So, if you’re not going to the toilet at least once a day, then that’s something you need to address before you even think of doing a detox. If you don’t then you will be dumping toxins back into your body, they’ll sit there festering and getting re-absorbed back into the body, together with additional toxins being created by those toxins already there. 
Go organic and cut out the junk 
Below I’ve listed what the fitness world calls the ‘dirty dozen’ – the 12 most sprayed fruit and vegetables on our supermarket shelves and as such should be bought as organic at all costs. Even when eating super healthy, loading your body with pesticides and other chemicals will cause a toxin burden on your body. While detoxifying, it’s important to constantly flood your body with good quality food so that you not only lower this toxic burden but also flood the body with essential vitamins and minerals that it needs. 
Drink plenty of filtered water 
This is a big one. You probably know that our bodies are 60-65% water, so if you aren’t drinking enough, or if you are drinking water full of chemicals, you’ll be placing a huge stress on your body. Simply putting your body in a state of dehydration is a stress, and is one more thing your body shouldn’t need to worry about. Although most tap water in the UK is deemed as ‘safe’ from chemicals, it still contains trace contaminants, and because of this I’d rather avoid it like the plague. I would suggest buying a good quality water filter and a BPA-free water bottle from which to drink it, again lowering the toxic burden on your body. 
Supporting Phases 1 & 2 of Liver detoxification 
The liver is where the majority of the detoxification occurs within the body. It has 2 phases to its detoxification and it is very important that you support both, a failure many people make. One by-product of the many reactions in Phase 1 is the formation of free radicals that can cause cellular damage. Other Phase 1 by-products can actually be more harmful that the original toxin that was being detoxified! 
It’s critically important, therefore, that you take supplements rich in vitamins and minerals that can combat these free radicals and so limit cell damage. My normally recommendation is Multi-liver by Nutri Advanced Ltd which contains all the essentials for Phase 1 detoxification along with free radical neutralisers such as – Riboflavin (Vit A), Niacin (Vit B3), Folic Acid, Vitamin C & E, Selenium, CoQ10 just to name a few. 
Phase 2 is where your body takes these partially detoxified toxins and converts them into less harmful compounds ready for elimination from the body. It does this by making the toxin water-soluble, so that it can be easily excreted from the body via water fluids such as bile (stool) or urine (remember Point 1). 
Supporting Phase 2 is just as important as Phase 1 because working in harmony means they work better and more effectively together than alone, avoiding a possible toxin build-up. These toxins remain fat soluble until they complete Phase 2, meaning that they just love fat and will happily store themselves away in your fat stores increasing your toxicity. 
To help support Phase 2 detoxification, I recommend – Glycine, NAC (N-acetylcystein), Glutamine and Calcium d-glucarate. Please take into account the detox cold, this is where you develop cold like symptoms during the early days of a detox, this is simply because your body is freeing up toxins ready to be detoxified. These toxins are toxic (sorry to state the obvious) and as such your body won’t enjoy hosting them in your blood stream, hence the cold like symptoms as your body tries to protect you. However, these symptoms should subside after a day, so please try and refrain from pain killers or cold tablets (as they too are toxins). 
Follow these 4 simple steps and within a week or so your body should feel as good as new. 
**Please note if you know you are extremely toxic and have heavy metal build up please don’t attempt any form of detoxification no matter how basic without consulting and working with a medical professional. 
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