Stay cool without an air-conditoner! 
When summer comes to mind, we almost always focus on picnics, days lounging on the beach, and tasty iced drinks. But hot weather has an unspoken down side too. I’m talking of course about sleep and when intense heat and humidity make it impossible to sit comfortably, let alone sleep through the night. In today’s article I aim to share the top 5 tips I have discovered for staying cool without the luxury of Air Conditioning. 
Studies have found that almost 1/3 of the UK adult population regularly suffer from chronic sleep loss. And when the temperature rises, this figure is likely to increase as it becomes even more of a challenge to catch some ‘zzzz’s, let along stay asleep.  
Inevitably, therefore, countless clients have come to me over the last few weeks with this problem; not having Air Conditioning myself, I can fully relate to this issue! 
Even when it cools down in the evenings, some homes retain a lingering warmth well into the small hours, making a nightmare of reaching dreamland.  
Here are a few tips I’ve picked up to help me cope, but please share your own in the comments below or in the link to the article on Facebook —for the Summer has only just begun! 
1) Choose cotton. Save the satin, silk, or polyester sheets for cooler nights. Light-cooled bed linens made of lightweight cotton (Egyptian or otherwise) are breathable and excellent for promoting ventilation and airflow around your sleeping body. 
2) Get cold comfort. Here’s a four-season tip for keeping utilities bill down: Buy a hot water bottle. In winter, fill it with boiling water for toasty toes without cranking the thermostat. But during the summer, stick it in the freezer to create a bed-friendly ice pack. This is something I have used to great effect! 
3) Take a tepid shower or a bath. This doesn’t mean a very cold shower, as this can have a rebound effect as your body temperature may actually rise to counteract the cold water. Instead, have a medium cold, or tepid, shower. As a quick alternative, you can also soak your hands and feet in tepid water. Your hands and feet are your “radiators”, or the areas of your body that tend to heat up. Cooling them down by soaking them will regulate your body temperature and cool you down. 
4) Sleep like an Egyptian. The so-called “Egyptian method” involves dampening, not soaking, a sheet or towel in cool water and using it as a blanket. Make sure that you ring the sheet out first as you don’t want your mattress being soaked. You could also lay the damp sheets on top of a dry towel to avoid soaking the mattress. 
5) Create your own Air Conditioning. Make a DIY air conditioner by positioning an ice filled shallow pan or bowl (a roasting pan works nicely) in front of a fan. The breeze will pick-up the chilled air from above the ice as it melts, creating a cooling mist. A drier alternative that I have found also works well is to hang ice packs over the fan, the fan helping to circulate the cold air around your room. 
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