I aim to shine a light on 5 bad habits that certain users bring to the gym that affect other people’s work-outs and well-being. 
Only a few possess their own personal gyms, the rest of us less privileged mortal must share the facilities on offer at the venue of our choosing. So it really annoys me, and certainly others, how selfish people behave when they are in the gym – they may be in the zone, but they’re also in my zone too. Some possibly do it on purpose, leaving a trail like dogs and trees, but I’d like to think that they’re so wrapped up in their work-out that they forget that they share the facility with others.  
Sadly, gym etiquette seems to be disappearing, and perhaps forgotten, courtesy. 
1) Texting during your workout 
Now this is a big one. I don’t so much mind that you’re texting while you are in the gym, because, let’s face it life, doesn’t stop when you are in the gym. However, if you have a 45 second rest between sets and you spend 1 minute plus texting then you are killing your workout. Training intensity is a key tool to changing your physique, whether it be fat loss or increasing muscle mass. A simple text can kill your set momentum and if you receive a bad text your entire workout! 
Overall it can, and probably does, ruin your work-out and that of others who would also welcome the opportunity to use what has become your ‘personal’ piece of equipment. This includes those using the equipment as a base for their extended ‘Mothers Union Meeting’. To those waiting to use a bench/machine.at best it makes you look uninterested in your workout, at worst it can look like you’re being deliberately being obnoxious. 
2) Hogging pieces of equipment 
Closely related to Point 1, but worth its own mention as it’s the root of many people frustrations at commercial gyms. People get paranoid that they are going to lose their machine if they get up. But this simply isn’t the case. 
If you are using a machine and are taking a rest, stand up and stand to one side of the machine. That way people can see you are using it but won’t be afraid to come up and ask you if they can work in with you. The term work in simply means while you rest can I go and vice versa. It’s simply gym etiquette which seems to be dying. If you see someone hogging the kit simply ask them if you can work in with them, chances are it won’t be a problem! 
3) Leaving kit out 
Ever wandered into the weight section of a gym and wondered when the bomb hit? Barbells left with weighs on, dumbbells scattered all over the floor and weight plates distributed randomly around the room. Maybe at home your mummy picks-up after you, but unless you bring her to the gym with you, if you get the weights out put them back! – This is basic gym etiquette at its finest 
‘But if no one else is doing it why should it?’ – This is the worst attitude to take, as the saying goes, “An eye for an eye leaves the world blind”. The best thing you can do in this situation is lead by example. I know it’s infuriating but just because everyone else things it’s okay to leave the weights out doesn’t make it so! Same goes for paper towels and used drinks bottles – clean it up! 
If this is really becoming a problem at your gym I suggest you talk to management about it. Chances are they already know that it’s a problem, but if enough paying members bring it to their attention they will have to do something about it. With so much competition in the gym world they don’t want you going to a rival! 
4) Wiping down kit 
Do I really need to linger on this point? If you are one of those people in the gym who sweats a lot – hopefully that’s everyone! Then you need to bring a towel with you to wipe your kit down. No one wants to get onto a piece of kit that’s got your sweat on it! Unfortunately, some ‘etiquettely challenged’ people do leave the kit covered in sweat, so having your own towel handy makes it easier for you to wipe the kit down so you don’t have to sweat on top of someone else’s sweat! Or if you use a paper towel, don’t forget to dispose of it afterwards (Point 2) 
5) Don’t make unnecessary sex noises 
Now don’t get me wrong, I make a lot of noise when I train. I fully admit it and I won’t apologize for it. When I go into the free weights area my goal is to take my body to its limits and push beyond them! This means I will be struggling and my body won’t want to go there, so the occasional grunt and groan will be heard. 
This point, however, is for those people who make sex noises for no reason except to draw attention to themselves in a ‘look at me’ kind of way. There is a time and a place to make noises and you shouldn’t feel embarrassed about it. But don’t feel like you have to make noise for the sake of making noise. People know the difference between showing off and working hard. Don’t become one of those people who make the free weights area an uncomfortable place to be! 
Work hard and push yourself, don’t fake it! 
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