6 Reasons you are struggling to lose fat – Reason 3: You aren’t getting enough fat in your diet 
Low fat, fat free… marketing gimmicks pushed by the media (usually with an NHS doctor for added credibility) spending years convincing you that they will help you ‘loose the fat’. So why exactly do we assume that we need to drop the fats to lose fat? Somewhere along the way as a society we became obsessed with losing weight. Never ones to miss an opportunity, the food companies jumped on this bandwagon and began cashing in through high sugar, low fat foods, all the while convincing us these were our dream ticket to Size 6 club and developing 6 packs. But in reality was this Golden Ticket just a marketing mirage? 
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The problem with low fat diets is that you have to replace the fat with something, and that something is nearly always sugar or some form of man-made, high carbohydrate alternative. Let me be blunt, carbohydrates in any form are sugar! Yes, even sweet potatoes are broken down into a sugar in the body. Take a look at the graph below, does this look like your typical day? Now, I’m NOT against carbohydrates (when the body is ready to handle them and when they are eaten at the right time-see next week’s article for more on using carbs correctly). The problem with having carbs with every meal, instead of a ‘good’ fat source, is that it raises insulin, the hormone which helps transport carbohydrates into cells. This hormone is incredible and is fantastic for fat loss, muscle growth and has been essential in our survival as a species. But when its levels are constantly elevated, e.g. from a high carb breakfast, it will crash down a few hours later causing cravings or feelings of being tired (sugar crashes aren’t just post-chocolate!). 
Breakfast Toast, cereal or cereal bar 
Lunch Sandwich and crisps/ chocolate bar (meal deal) 
Dinner Big heavy meal, with a good chance of chips, potato wedges, pasta, rice, potatoes or bread making some form of appearance 
Ever get super hungry or tired around 10? And then again at around 3? Notice how these periods are about 2 hours after your last big carbs meal? That’s your body’s response to dealing with the amount of carbohydrate you’ve loaded it with. The answer the food companies present you with results in you buying, low fat high sugar snacks, a cup of coffee and a cheeky biscuit. England isn’t hot enough for a siesta, so your body shouldn’t need that break; it’s your nutrition that’s making you tired. So seeing food as an energy source, it’s scary to think that too much of the wrong thing can actually make you feel more drained, and lead you to over eating to try and get that energy ‘kick’. 
Next week’s article will deal with insulin and carbohydrates in a lot more detail, but for now all you need to know is the reason you are crashing and potentially struggling to lose the lower abdominal fat; it’s because you have no control over your insulin. So what can we do about it? For the next week or ideally 2 try to cut out carbohydrates; it’s only 2 weeks!!! And instead replace them with any fat from the list below. Try to get a nice mixture from each group and, as that old saying goes, variety is the spice of life and too much of a good thing even good fats is never good. 
Mother Nature has provided us with everything we need to keep our bodies fit and healthy. It’s only since we began fiddling around with fats and creating our own Trans fats that things have started to go sour. Keep it simple and stick to organic, grass fed high quality natural fats. If in doubt ask yourself was this made in a factory? If the answer is yes then don’t eat it and replace it with a natural alternative and you will benefit from things such as: 
Increased libido 
Improved insulin sensitivity 
Better brain function 
Better energy with no crash 
Reduced inflammation 
Healthier heart and cholesterol 
Carbohydrates aren’t the enemy, it’s our over consumption of them, and our source of the carbohydrates that is the problem. But I must make clear, fats don’t make you fat, in fact they do the exact opposite! Next week I will go into how to structure a nutrition plan so you get all the benefits of a high fat diet without going carb free and driving yourself crazy!! 
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