Taking a look into why I believe these slimming clubs might actually be setting you up to get fatter to keep you in their clutches. 
Slimming clubs seem to be all the rage at the moment. Offering ‘quick’ ‘results’ at affordable prices whilst allowing you to pretty much eat what you want. Sounds like a match made in heaven! But is this really a recipe for successful, sustainable fat loss? 
Many of my clients come to me after they’ve tried everything. Their initial intake forms typically list multiple slimming clubs they have tried and ‘failed on’. Sadly, these people often blame themselves for failing. I believe that this is exactly the kind of response slimming clubs want – the consumer blaming themselves for failing – when in reality it’s their poor business model and ethical standards that have been responsible. 
So, here are the Six reasons I believe slimming clubs are set up for you to fail and make you fatter: 
*The Initial ‘weight’ loss is an illusion. The reason why these slimming clubs ‘work’ short term is simple; They put you into a calorie deficit -essentially you are eating less calories than you are ‘burning’ in a day. This low calorie approach will see substantial ‘weight’ loss very quickly, but it will be short lived as this initial drop in weight comes from water loss and muscle wastage. After the initial 2-3 week honeymoon period you will notice that your weight loss starts to slow down and then will eventually stop. This is why people normally stop after the first month as they either get the ‘weight loss they wanted’ or simply reach a plateau and stop – see point 3. 
* Focus on weight loss and not fat loss. As mentioned about you may lose a lot of ‘weight’ during the first 2-3 weeks, but it’s from loss of water and muscle. Weight loss should never be the goal when starting out on a health journey like this. Weight is simply your relationship with gravity at the particular moment you step on the scales. If you want to lose weight chop off an arm! The goal always has to be fat loss! 
Here is a question. Would you rather weigh less, but look the same ……….. Or weigh the same but look totally different? I bet the latter, most people associate the body they want with a certain weight, when in reality this is never the case. They get to their ‘ideal weight’ but look the same. 
Get smart, realise that losing ‘weight’ in this way will cause you to become a smaller version of how you currently look. To change your appearance and body composition you must lose fat and preserve muscle! 
*The Diets are set up for you to rebound. Your muscle is where your greatest concentration of mitochondria lives. Your mitochondria is the power house of your cells that essentials dictates your metabolism. If you are losing muscle as mentioned about can you see a problem? When you go back to ‘eating normally’ your body’s metabolism will be virtually none existent, preventing your body from dealing with what you are eating – leading to not only weight gain, but fat gain. So now you have not only lost muscle weight but you have replaced that muscle weight with fat weight leading you to actually become fatter than when you started. 
*It’s a business. You need to realise they know all this stuff outlined above. They know you will start out and lose a lot of false weight quickly. Then once you have got your initial weight loss you will more than likely quit saying ‘company X is amazing, I lost Y lbs ’. 2-3 months later when you have rebounded and gained back the weight, and you will blame yourself and your lack of control. Conveniently you will then remember how company X helped you last time, so back to the company you go. And so the cycle continues – not realising that the company now ‘owns’ you for life. 
They are big businesses. They have the power to change the world if they wanted to. But if they cured obesity they would have no customers – a very poor business model. Someone like myself on the other hand, my sole business relies on getting results and recommendations. If I wanted to fail very quickly I’d do what these guys do – quick weight loss that leads to huge rebounds. Luckily my business is a lot more ethical and places the wellbeing of my clients as the top priority, not making a quick buck. 
*They use poor nutrient foods. They reason people love these clubs is because they can eat loads, giving the feeling they aren’t on a ‘diet’. Every wondered why they can eat so much and still be in a calorie deficit? It’s because the food they are allowed to eat is so nutritionally poor that you need eat a ton of it to get the positive effects. The key to healthy eating is to eat nutrient dense food – Food that you don’t need as much of, but will fill you up and give you a huge hit of essential nutrients your body needs to survive and thrive – think quality meat, sweet potatoes, nuts and tons of vegetables. 
*They don’t educate you. One of the things I pride myself on is educating my clients. I don’t want my clients with me forever. I want them to learn how to eat and stay healthy on their own, and stay with me because they enjoy it not because they need me. These companies work in the opposite way, they want you to need them. They don’t educate you on smart food choices and why eating fresh veg is better than buying ready cooked microwave meals. One of my favourite quotes is this ‘the best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don’t tell you what to see.’ Empowering people is the best way to succeed, that why I encourage my clients to research their own recipes and ask me questions. 
How many of you have tried slimming clubs lost weight but then gained it back again? 
I’d love to hear your stories. Please comment below or join the conversation on Facebook. 
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