When it comes to eating for fat loss, there are many ways to skin the cat (or many roads to Rome). However, when it comes to eating for health there is very little room for debate. If your body’s not healthy then it won’t burn fat. Eating for health and getting healthy will produce fat loss as a by-product. But what exactly is healthy eating? And are we being lied to? 
Over the next 3 weeks I will be showing you how to easily create a healthy eating food plan that you can stick to. I will be going through the 3 macronutrients; Protein, Fat and Carbohydrates and going into detail about all the different choices you have at your disposal. This will empower you to create a Nutrition plan full for health & fat loss that is also full of variety. But firstly it’s important to understand the thought process behind why I set my food plans up like I do, and why I stay away from processed food. 
Were all aware of the imminent crisis that is heading towards us. The rise in obesity worldwide (not just the west) and how chronic, life threatening diseases are crippling our health systems – and it seem irreversible. Since 1980, the number of overweight and obese adults in the developed world has almost quadrupled to around one billion. Think about that. Very soon there will be more people dying of food related diseases linked to obesity than there are people dying of malnourishment. 
‘But we are living longer’, I hear you cry. Yes we are! Modern medicine has wiped out the plagues of the past that used to decimate populations. But just because we are living longer doesn’t mean we are healthier! So what has changed? Simply put – FOOD. 
If you’re great great great grandparents came around to your house for dinner tonight, would they recognise what you served to them? How do you think today’s sugary food would taste to them? The food we are eating has changed so rapidly over the last 50 years that it’s now barely recognisable from that time. Remember when you were younger and you left milk out? It would go off – the cream would rise to the top and it would eventually turn rancid. Have you left any milk out lately? It looks exactly the same but just smells funky. Food is not the same. 
Here are my 3 fundamental reasons for leaving modern food behind, and going back to basics with my nutrition plans. 
1) Your body is not designed to eat modern food. ‘Frankenfoods’ and foods that have been pumped full of chemicals and additives for mass production have only really exploded onto the market in the last 30 or so years. But our body’s digestive system has taken thousands of years to develop to where we are today. This rapid change in how food is produced causes havoc within our bodies. Our body’s don’t recognise modern ‘food’ and consequently has no idea how to break it down.When there is something inside our body it doesn’t recognise, it thinks it’s under attack so it protects us. It does this through inflammation. Over time this inflammation builds up, and eventually the chronic inflammation breeds obesity which increases the risk of life threatening diseases. It’s not your bodies fault, it’s just trying to protect you! Essentially that microwave macaroni and cheese it slowly ‘poisoning’ your body. 
2) Food companies don’t care about you. Food companies care about two things – money and profit margins. At no point does your health come into it. And at no point does the long term effect of the production process they use cross their minds. The world is hungry. Their job is to mass produce food as cheap as possible whilst making the most money. This means cheaper ingredients! No matter how lovely the commercial and no matter how ‘healthy’ the companies say their food is, you need to realise it’s all a marketing fabrication. Health doesn’t ever come into their mind, except when they are thinking of ways to market it to the public. 
3) I trust nature more than I trust laboratories. We have lived off nature for all most all of our existence. Prior to mass production, our diet comprised meat, fats, veg and occasional fruit if it was in season. Now we can create what we want in a laboratory. Man made food full of crazy new ingredients isn’t good for us. Once you remove it and go back to basics; eating quality meat, quality fats, luscious vegetables and better sources of carbohydrates you notice the difference. 
To put it simply – most people have no idea how good their body is designed to feel, because their nutrition isn’t set up to nourish their body.  
Over the next 4 weeks I’ll be showing you how to reclaim your body and start feeling great. 
Have you already taken processed foods out of your diet? How have you noticed it made you feel? 
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