After eight months of weekly blogs, I’ve taken the decision to take a short timeout, meaning that this week’s article will be the last one for a while. 
This does not mean that I’ll be closing down the site, so you’ll still be able to access all my old blogs, and I’ll continue to update you on my progress, as promised. I’m just taking a short break from writing the fuller articles. This move may come as a shock to some of you as I’ve had some really positive feedback from people all over the world, which to be honest has humbled me. I’d never considered that something I’d written could influence people from India to Switzerland! 
However, I said from Day 1 that this site was all about you guys and my efforts to explain and almost debunk the myths and rumours that abound in the fitness industry, whether its fad diets, commercial self-help groups or structuring your work-out plan. I believe that I’ve covered the basics and hopefully de-jargonised the background knowledge I’ve used to explain the principles in the simplest way I know how. However, in wanting to take things to the next level, and still explain them to the ‘average joe’, I feel that I need to dive deeper, further educating myself to gain a better understanding of inter-related topics so I that can help you guys. 
I’ve never wanted to just write articles for the sake of writing them. I’ve always wanted to give you guys the best information possible in a way that you can easily understand and put into practice. This is why I have taken this decision to step back and really start hitting the books again. 
Like I have said this isn’t goodbye, I’ll still be reporting back regularly on my personal progress and would hope to be back with some fresh articles early in the New Year that I hope will help you get closer towards your goal by explaining more advanced issues. 
Thank you for your support so far and you will be hearing again from me soon! Please feel free to follow me on twitter for updates and the occasional motivational quotes! 
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