Take a look at these transformations for your inspiration. 
Here are some of our clients' transformational pictures and information. 
Lauren Astle 
Lauren gave me just 8 weeks to prepare her for a photoshoot to help promote her Personal Training business. This girl trained like a machine and harder than some guys I know. 
She always asked the right questions and always wanted to know WHY I was doing certain things. Thats the attitude that sets people apart from the crowd and helps get them incredible results. 
Ryan James  
(2nd Transformation) - 11 weeks!! hard work from my youngest brother Ryan! 
Now this one is special, not just because he is my brother but 2 years ago Ryan was my first ever 12 week transformation. He has been busy studying at university and enjoying being a student but was ready to hit the summer hard! 
It's amazing to see his progress over the 2 years, he has clearly added some much needed size. 
Ryan worked with me completely online and was honestly a pleasure to work with. 
Alex Lewin 
16 weeks hard graft!!! My client and now friend Alex. 
He came to me wanting to get big, and only get big. But after explaining to him that getting big whilst in his current shape wouldn't be a good look. 
Once I got his trust we set about getting him lean so we could build his mass on a good solid base! 
Alex did this transformation staying on the same nutrition plan the entire time and only ended on 20 minutes cardio every other day. 
Dan Rylance  
Dan came to me 5 weeks ago before heading to Vegas on holiday and wanted to get into the best shape of his life. 
It was the perfect opportunity for me to test out my new training system that I've been working on over the last few months. Dans strength went up week by week whilst stripping unwanted body fat. 
His nutrition stayed the same over the 5 weeks with only training intensity and cardio being used to illicit the fat loss response I desired. 
Great work and next time we are going the full 8-12 weeks to totally shred. 
8 weeks of INCREASING FOOD!!! 
That's right, this transformation was done by increasing calories for 8 weeks!! Alison came to me wanting to feel comfortable in a bikini for her holiday to Jamaica, and potentially get some abs! However her calories were so low, I said their was no way I could ethically use my conventional fat loss approach, in such a short time frame. 
After sitting down and explaining my reasonings, and my potential plan of getting her to EAT MORE! Alison jumped on board and trusted me to give her the body she wanted. 
She now goes on holiday eating more than her partners dad does, feels incredible and has very little chance of rebounding!! 
Too many women, and guys for that matter, try and diet on such little calories and wonder why they fail. 
When Rachel started with me she was drinking 2 shakes a day and having one small 'main meal' in the evening.  
Rachel came for help because she wanted to get bikini ready for her friends hen do, but her body wasn't changing and she couldn't eat less as already feeling rubbish... 
Going from eating maybe 800 calories a day, at a push (mainly from shakes), to just under 2,000 and having carbs with every meal has completely changed her physique. Rachel had previously trained hard but not necessarily done the right training to get the physique she wanted. 
You need to fuel your body to have the energy to feel good and train hard. If you're eating near to nothing how do you expect to feel good and how are you going to make adjustments to get your body to where you want it to be. Eating less and training more isn't the answer. 
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